Tuesday, August 09, 2005


In the later days of the last century, pretty much anyone with a Nokia cell phone had a game called Snake on it. This is the best online flash version of the game we've come across. As you've no doubt picked up by now, we here at Day Job Play Spot enjoy simplicity and elegance in game design and objective. There is nothing more simple or elegant than guiding an old school retro-vibed pixilated "snake" around a square. Don't hit the sides of said square or your snake will die. Don't let your head bump into your tail, or your snake will most certainly DIE! Those are the basic rules. Choose from three different levels: slug, worm, and python. Brought to you by the talented Paul Neave at Neave Games, an excellent source of well designed retro style games, which we'll no doubt feature again real soon.


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