Thursday, September 29, 2005


It's a testament to how far the world wide web has really come that a simple game such as Hamure-su doesn't gain the fervid attention it would have back in the late last century, say 1998 or so. I mean, back then, Hamure-su would have been a world wide sensation. This is the type of thing Larry and Sergey were aspiring to when they were tweaking away in their dorm rooms. Take one cute little furry thing, make it do something simple, implausible, and humorous. Make it ridiculously easy to learn but damn near impossible to master, and you've got yourself what we've got here: Hamure-su: one hamster running around a pleasant path upon the lawn, mushrooms, rocks, and bushes garnish to the main course. Your job, keep it on the path. Well, it's not 1998, it's 2005, and sadly, reality television and maybe a war or two have jaded the net denizens' appreciation for a brilliant and simple game such as this. We're proud to say there's still a place for you here, little Hamure-su. Available exclusively at


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