Thursday, October 13, 2005

Kill Time

Kill Time wins the prize for GAME OF THE WEEK!!! here at Day Job Play Spot, known to some as Night Shift Play Gig, for those of you who procrastinate at work when the sun goes down. We by no means wish to exclude those nocturnal workers who may visit the site and spend the night. You night owls of the wee hours, to thee we extend our warmest welcome. Kill Time, (aka GAME OF THE WEEK!!!) features a rascally little spikey headed fellow in orange who will stop at nothing to capture your mouse cursor. For those of you whose clicker finger's on ice, this game's for you (no clicking required). Do you think this little guy's just going to jump around a pounce on your mouse. Nah, man, nah. He WILL employ explosives. He WILL shoot giant propellers. This little feller's a rasal, I tells ya, I told ya, will tell ya again.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


You are flying through a green cave. Faster and faster you are flying. The faster you go the harder it is to stay low enough to avoid the top of the green cave and high enough to avoid the bottom. Worst of all are the red things that protrude from below and hang from above. Avoid those at each and every cost. If you crash, you will see red polka dots and the Game will be Over. If you continue into the darkness, what will you find? More cave and more cave beyond. Fly into the blackness. Improve your skills of flying.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Welcome back to Day Job Play Spot where for the past week we've been taking some time to revamp the campsite. How you like me now? We strung a pot up over the fire pit so as to make us some soup upon. The days are getting chilly and the nights are getting long. Make some soup tonight for me to sup upon. As a welcome back prize for all our loyal readers and listeners, here's a cool little game called Atoms which is "based" on "chemistry". Someone who actually knows chemistry may disagree, but the puzzle play is none the less intriguing. Have fun, puzzle lovers. And play not past your bedtimes.